5 Different Gadgets All Parents Should Have

The world is changing, everyone. Time never sits still, and neither will all the scientists and engineers working double time in order to make brand new technology, in order to make our lives much easier. Life is changing so fast and for parents, life can be a lot more comfortable and easy as it goes.

In this generation, we are thankful for the ever evolving technology.

Here I present to you the five different gadgets, I think that all parents should have within their household. Why? Because I believe that it will make their lives with their child easier, more fun, and smoother.

Let’s start with gadget number one:

1. Oliba

Oliba, the toy trackerAre you tired of losing your child’s toy every time? It’s such a hassle to find it, considering that it could be anywhere. Well, with Oliba you would no longer have to go through the effort of searching for it. Oliba looks like a cute owl that you can wrap around your kid’s toy, that uses a Bluetooth to connect to your phone. When connected to your phone, you would be able to get the little owl to release a hoot whenever you lose the toy it is attached to. No more lost toys, now.

2. Mimo

Do you worry about your baby day and night? Does your child have a medical condition, that requires to check on them multiple times a day? Are you afraid to leave their side, because you fear that something would happen when you’re gone? Worry no more. With Mimo, you would be able to monitor your child’s health condition on your phone wherever you are. It would tell you if your baby has a regular temperature, or if they just woke up, or if they even stopped breathing. Mimo makes it easier for doting parents to relax.

3. Mamaroo

Mamaroo, the best baby swingThe Mamaroo is a type of infant swing that rocks your baby by itself. A very cool thing to have when you’re a single parent, or both are working long and hard shifts, because it allows the parent to have time to rest as well as give their baby the peaceful sleep they wish for them to have. The Mamaroo not only swings your baby in lulling motions; it has built in speaker that plays different natural sounds for your baby to listen to (if you wanted, you can upload your own lullabies from your phone). The different swings can be adjusted through an app inside of your phone. While your baby is calm and peaceful, you’d be able to catch a few naps yourself.

4. Orbit Baby Stroller

Every baby needs a stroller, because it would be too much for one parent alone to go long distances with a baby in their arms. Too much, and too dangerous. With the Orbit Baby Stroller, it is applicable to become a stroller, and a car seat together. The basket is able to adjust into multiple positions on the stroller, enabling you and your baby to be more comfortable. Along with its flexible design, parents are also able to use them with ease due to how its built.

5. Project Nursery Baby Monitor

For parents who have to do a lot of multi-tasking, they find it very hard to keep an eye on their babies at all times. For example: You can’t really bring your baby with you in the kitchen when you’re cooking, it’s not safe. With the project nursery baby monitor, you would be able to see how your infant or toddler is doing. The camera is easily manipulated with the monitor given to you, a device so small that you can fit it inside of your pocket. The system design is user friendly, and easily controlled. With the Project Nursery baby monitor, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing any of your child’s needs. It is probably one of the best, if not the best, video baby monitor on the market.

With that said, these are the 5 different gadgets that I think all parents should have. They are in by no means organized from the best to the worst, having not been placed in any particular order. Nonetheless, all these products are highly recommended, due to the fact that they are safe, pleasing to the eye, and reliable.